Say NO on 12th August 2010 to auto and taxi!

This is regarding one mail I got in the evening, whomever has created and send this mail I too agree with this. I would say NO Autos and Taxi at all, but this will be difficult sometimes. In Bangalore this is usual case, we passengers have to agree with the drivers calculated amount, if we say can you put meter, then they will reject it. Finally the passengers might bargain and come to a compromised amount.

By this time it would be nice to check some applications for your handset for the Taxi fare calculators like PocketFare, Taxi Fare Calculator, Bing Maps Taxi Fare Calculator etc.

So let’s say NO TAXI or be practical to it by bargaining or by choosing some nice applications! But the result is up to you. 🙂

Meanwhile with a google search found the source link to this. 😀


First blog about my breakfast today!

Kerala Puttu and Kadala Curry

Hmm… this is my first blog, there isn’t anything great to write in this blog. I want to try first of all how the blog will look like. Today I made the Kerala Puttu and Kadala Curry. It was OK 🙂

Anyway my blog is to share my thoughts, feelings and experiences, it may be any subject and matters … As a techie there is a great chance I would discuss more on Technical things. Please stay tuned …

Now let me see how the blog looks like 🙂

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