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Tips to make few extra followers and maintain the existing followers count in Twitter!

Who is not happy increasing ones Twitter followers? But getting followers is not that easy in Twitter. In Facebook most of the people in your friends list would be familiar to you in person while in Twitter you might not know most of the followers personally. And it is not one or two days/weeks effort to build a good list of followers in Twitter. It might take months to get some good amount of stable followers. Unlike Facebook there is a great chance a follower may unfollow you, it could be like you are not posting the expected tweets of the other person, or the follower didn’t find the subject of post interesting and many.

I personally had an experience, a person who followed me whom I know personally very well one day that person had DM me that my tweets are irrelevant so unfollowing me. This is a know unfollow but many a times people unfollowed with out any notice.

I’m going to give few tips to build and maintain the followers count. Please note that this may not work every time for everyone, these are just my personal experience, so after reading this you yourself judge and try if it is really feasible for you to try.

1. Good Bio: Create a good Bio according to your interest, not provide more personal details, but give your key interests and some web link to your profile which is good if possible. And add an avatar either your own picture of what ever you like or which express about your likes or personality.

2. Follow Tweeples: As I told you in the beginning, getting followers for a newcomer in Twitter is pretty difficult if your’re not a celebrity or a person publicly well know. So the first step is follow few people whom Twitter itself might suggest and slowly make a good friends list. Be cautious before follow the person, most of the time the Bio of the person and the previous tweets would give a rough idea about that person.

3. Tweet Periodically: Next thing is try to tweet about you, technology, news what ever it comes with in your interest and build up your own tweeting style. As you know that Twitter is also called as a Micro Blog.

4. More interaction: In twitter most of the people would like to be interacted, so interaction plays an important role here. As much as possible interact with your friends and try to build a familiarity with them.

5. Express Thanks & Great: If some one followed you just check if that is really a person or not a BOT and if it seems to be some individual person then start interaction with them by expressing your thankfulness of them following you. And never forget to great your friends and followers in various occasions.

6. Discussion: You can take part in the discussion of other Tweeples in between their discussion and make them feel of comfortable with you.

7. FollowFriday:  It is another good tool you must use wisely. Try to mention the most interacting or admired or interested handles for FollowFriday. That way the other person will also recognize you and there will be mutual respect between both!

8. No Offence or Unnecessary Arguments: Never try to use offensive statements or indulge in unnecessary arguments with others. This would cause the other person would unfollow you. Try to understand every person has the right to express their opinion, and more over these days the social medias are well known platforms for that. So respect other opinions, not telling to accept it blindly, you could also express your opinion in a friendly way.

9. Use DM effectively: Always use the DM to talk about very personal matters, never open it up in the timeline.

10. Don’t SPAM: If you’ve a decent amount of followers please alwasy keep it in mind that your tweets will appear in their Timeline, so be decent here and never try to SPAM their timeline.

11. Avoid Over RE-Tweet: Though Twitter has an option to individually prevernt re-tweet to be appeared on one Timeline, many would not do that or ignorant on that part. So immediate action what they may take is unfollow. So be peculiar in re-tweeting.

12. Use of Language: Maximum try to use the common language, in case if you’ve wide range of people as followers from all over the world please use English.

13. Hash Tags: Use Hash Tags where ever you feel suited, for example if the matter of tweeter is something related to technology use a hash tag for the main terminology. The hash tag will help in two ways, one is your tweets will get a wide audience through search and there are chances someone would come and follow you only because of the tweets you hash tagged is interesting to the other person. And secondly the exiting followers also can skip some of your tweets if you properly hash tag it.

14. Use of Lists: Making list is another good practice in Twitter, so that the other person would feel good on you and may follow you later. And which will ever help in many scenarios for you too. Its a good tool to filter and read only interested peoples tweets.

15. Limit Forusquare Update: Limit or avoid the automatic updates from Forusquare and similar kind of services. The flood of tweets from these services may causing spamming your followers Timeline.

So these all there in my mind at the moment, happy twitting, enjoy your valuable time with your great friends and followers in Twitter! Here I’ve used few Twitter terminologies which may be new to few of you, so in that case this link would be helpful reading: Twitter Terminology – Understanding Twitter Terminology. Now to understand more tweet more and learn yourself!

So what are you waiting for, following me first  😉

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