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NewsG – A google News Reader App for MeeGo (N9/N950)

It was accidentally I came to know about this great app – NewsG. I was searching for an app called Ask-Ziggy for MeeGo one day and from my fellow Champion Sunil Kumar (@skumar_rao) I got a link to that app. But later I realized that there is no version of that app available supporting MeeGo rather it was for Maemo.

The developer behind of Ask-Ziggy is Martin Borho (@m_b_o) I later found Martin’s contact and asked for a MeeGo version but I got not a positive reply: “unfortunately there’s no version for MeeGo, because the Google  Search API, which nearly all services depending on, is deprecated and throttled and will be switched off in the foreseeable future“.

But Martin had suggested me another app called NewsG, another one app developed by Martin!

About NewsG

NewsG is an application based on Google News. It shows the daily headlines from Google News. You can choose from the available the topics like Top Stories, World, CountryName, Business, Technology, Politics, Entertainment, Sports, Health, Spotlight, Most Popular etc.

This app can be configured pretty easily, where you can choose the edition of the news according to your wish. Select the default topic to load, Manage topics etc. This app is good choice for reading the news just from the different available categories. Though I had two improvement suggestions for this app:

1. Instead of lauching the device browser to read the complete  news the app could have it’s on view to read.

2. The integration of the feeds to the Home Screen feeds could have been a good option to have.

But after all this is a neat application a MeeGo owner can have. After all this is a free app which you can download from the NokiaStore.

Edit: Just found a link here: NewsG for N9/N950 – Daily headlines from Google News.

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